The Bible tells us to pray for healing from God and we will be blessed with health and strength to overcome whatever pain we face. May we seek comfort from God whenever we are sick or depressed and we should be confident that He will console our mind, body and spirit. We can come to our heavenly father and ask Him to heal us because he wants us to be whole. He wants us to be whole, not just in our spirit and soul but also in our body. Wherever there is a sickness, there is an opportunity for God to display His glory. Always give God the opportunity to display His glory in your life.

“Most Gracious Father, I thank You I adore You. I thank You for Your overflowing generosity on my life. I thank You for what You are doing in my life and what You will do in my life. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have bestowed on my life. You have provided me with more than I could ever imagine. You have surrounded me with people who always look out for me. You have given me family and friends who bless me every day with kind words and actions; I thank You.

Father, I come before You with the pain I’m feeling in my body. I know that you hate what this illness is doing to me. I ask that You heal this disease. Have compassion on me and bring healing to my body right now. Your word says in Psalm 107:19-20 that when we call out to You, the Eternal One, you will give the order, heal and rescue us from uncertain death. Father, I have read of miraculous healing in the Bible and I believe that You still heal the same way today. I believe that there is no illness You cannot heal at all because the Bible tells of You raising people from the dead and many wondrous things. I ask for Your healing in this situation. You are the only source of health and healing. In You, Oh Lord, there is calmness and the only true peace in this world. Grant me  Your child, an awareness of Your presence and give me the grace to have the perfect confidence in You. In all this pain, weariness and anxiety  I am feeling uneasy. Teach me to yield myself to Your never-failing care and to know that Your love and power will always surround me. Your scripture says that You heal all diseases and whoever believes in You will not perish but have everlasting life. Strengthen me, Lord, in this time of illness. Sustain me as I lay sick in my bed. You died and rose for my sins and that we may have eternal life, Lord. I believe in my heart that You are here with me today and that with Your most Holy Power will uproot all sicknesses within my body.

I declare divine health upon my mind, my soul and my body. I declare strength and healing upon my life. I declare wellness and newness in my body. I thank You Father, for I know I am already healed by Your miraculous power. I thank You for the deliverance You have given me in Jesus’ name I have prayed with thanksgiving, Amen.”

“Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals, I thank You today. I thank You for Your protection upon my life and I thank You for the grace upon my life. You are the God who knows the end from the beginning. There’s none like You and there’s none that can be compared unto You. Let Your will be done in my life.

 Healer of the sick, I come to You today as your child, longing to hear from You. I ask for Your divine healing. There’s so much I don’t understand about life. But I do know that with Your touch and Your word, You can make me whole. Please forgive me of my sins. Cleanse me of my unrighteousness and begin Your healing from the inside out. Lord, I come humbly before You and I ask that You heal me in every area of my life. I give You my heart in faith that You can make me whole again and I give you this hurt, pain, weakness, and sorrow in exchange for Your comfort. Let Your Spirit move all over me. Father, I  need Your healing and Your grace.

Always remind me that You work on behalf of those You love constantly. Forgive me for trying to fix my situations all on my own and forgive me for running in different directions to find help when true help and healing must be found first in You. Forgive me for forgetting how much I need You above everyone and everything else. You see where no one else is able to fully see or understand. You know the pain and burden I am carrying and You know where I  need to be set free. Deliver me from this pain and set me free from this burden. I ask for Your healing and grace to cover every broken place, every wound, and every heartache. Father help me to put back my focus on You and not dwell on the pain, frustration, and burden I’m facing. Please restore unto me my lost hope and create in me a clean heart.

I thank You, Lord for restoring unto me healing and for awakening a fresh life in me. May the Holy Spirit guide, comfort and strengthen me. Let the peace which surpasses all understanding be my portion now and forever more, in Jesus’ name I have prayed, Amen.”

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