Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for being my strength and my song. You fill my heart with joy. Your name is powerful. Thank you for loving me even in my sinfulness and thank You for loving me. Thank You for being my protector and provider.

Father, in Your powerful name, I offer my prayer. Give me assurance that there is no power greater than Your name. Give me eternal comfort and hope through grace. Comfort my heart and establish me in every step I take. When all I can see around me is trouble, help me to trust in what is unseen. Remind me of the truth of Your power that You surround me and no one can snatch me from Your hand. Remove my fear and replace it with wholehearted faith in You, my God. I know You can do the impossible. You can accomplish the unthinkable. Nothing is too difficult for you. Please answer this miracle prayer and show Your great glory. I know that Your immeasurable power is available to me. I thank You for fighting my battles for me and contending with those who contend with me. I give my condition to You, knowing that Your ability to grant a miracle is far beyond anything I can conceive and your grace is limitless. Lord, your word tells me that whatever I ask for in prayer, if I believe that I have received it,  it will be mine. Lord, I believe; help my unbelief. May my faith prevail over doubt. Help me to look at this with my spiritual eyes rather than my physical eyes. Help me to stir up my most holy faith into a clear flame of confidence, so I might receive the miracle I need. Have compassion, and help me now.

O Lord, the glory of your power surpasses all thought and knowledge. I thank You, Lord, for even though this is impossible with man, with You, all things are possible. I thank You for my miracle today in Jesus’ name I have prayed with thanksgiving, Amen.

Lord, my Rock, and Redeemer thank You for being my ever-present help in times of trouble. You are the King of ages You are immortal, invisible and the only God on all the earth. To You be honor and glory forever and ever.

Almighty Father, here I am again asking You to do what only You can do in my life and in my current situation. Your word says that to those who ask, it will be given, to those who seek, it will be found and to those who knock, the door will be opened. Hear my prayer for a miracle and grant my request. Please help me to look to you instead of relying on my own strength and trust that you always do what is best for me. You have promised that when I pass through the waters, You will be with me. The rivers will not sweep over me and the fire will not burn me. Protect me and deliver me from all danger.

Give me assurance that You are with me and that I am safe in You. You are the God of endurance and encouragement. Help me to live in harmony with You and let my life glorify Jesus Christ. Lord Almighty, I pray for instant miracles that will turn the supposed disadvantages in my life into advantages. I pray for a miracle that will touch all parts of my life and testimonies will not be far from my mouth in my life, Father. I destroy every plan of the r enemies come to pass in my life; instead, make me a living wonder that will preach Your mercies all the days of my life. I have faith that it is going to happen very soon. I give myself to You, Lord, because You are a faithful and miracle-working God. Father, I have nothing and I know that through You, everything I ask for in this world and beyond shall be mine only if I believe and have faith.

Omnipotent God, I thank You for all these things in my life. I am more than a conqueror through You who loves me. Lord, grant me this miracle and let it be an addition to the countless miracles You have performed in my life. I thank You for these blessings and for hearing my prayers and for granting me this miracle. I thank You for an answered prayer in Jesus’ name I have prayed, Amen.

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