Father Lord, I come to You today for healing. I ask that You help me deal with every health condition trying to oppress and overwhelm me. You are the God that takes loads of our burdens and You are a great healer. You are the God that gives Your children hope and comfort in our difficult moments. I ask that You help me to look up to You in my situation and also to remember that You are the only one who can remove this burden and fortify me. Please help me to always submit to Your wisdom, power, and goodness. Give me the strength to be able to overcome every challenge that I face. I know that without You, I am hopeless, Lord. You are the King of the universe and everything is possible with You. I ask that You manifest Yourself in my life. Father, break every power of sickness, disease, and infirmity in my life. I speak healing into my life.

Let Your healing power flow through me right now and drive out every sickness from this body. I ask that You release the anointing that destroys the power of death to destroy every sickness and pain in my life. Any part of my body that is not functioning the way it was created by God to function, I command it to start functioning properly in the name of Jesus. I come against every plan of the enemy to destroy and manipulate my life. Father, I ask that You release divine health, healing, breakthrough, and favor upon my life. I surrender my whole being to You, and I ask that You touch me and give me peace that surpasses all human understanding. I know You are a faithful God and You won’t allow this suffering to take dominion over Your child.

Father, help me to keep my focus on You when the pain and hurt are overwhelming. Help me to be faithful and to see the blessings that surround me. Please strengthen my mind, heart, and body and heal me today. May the Holy Spirit guide me in peace and comfort today. I thank You for an answered prayer in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

“Father, I command every arrow of sickness shot at me to come out now; and I ask that You flush out every negative material circulating in my blood now. Let the blood of Jesus be injected into my blood right now to clean every evil thing and infirmity that is causing me to be sick. Lord, I ask that You let Your Holy Ghost fire burn from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and to burn every evil that is causing problems in my body. I pray that You destroy every agent of disease that is lingering in my body. Let the blood of Jesus bring deliverance and healing unto me right now and I ask that You release Your healing power upon my life now.  Father, I want to see a divine change in my body now. Stretch forth Your hand upon my life, Lord, and deliver me from this sickness. Father, deliver me from every oppression, possession, and attack on my health. I ask that You dismantle every weapon fashioned against me and condemn every word that has risen against me in judgment.

I declare that I am free in the name of Jesus. I declare that my life will never be the same again and I will soar high in everything that I do. I ask You to change my life, Lord, for Your glory and let Your will be done in my life. I thank You, Father, for Your healing and restoration; and I thank You for an answered prayer in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

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